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Enjoy your next special event in our beautiful new tasting room. Indoors features a beautiful high ceiling, with great wood accents throughout the space. Enjoy the view of our vineyard and surrounding countryside through the many windows. We have hosted a variety of private events in the past, including bridal showers, anniversary parties, rehearsal dinners, and more. There are two different options available for space rental – Semiprivate Rental during our normal business hours or a Private Rental after business hours. Please note that you may have an additional 15 minutes prior to the start of your event for set up and 15 minutes after your event ends for clean up. Any additional time may incur an additional fee.

This option is perfect for smaller parties, and comfortably seats up to 30 people, with a maximum of 35 people. Semi-Private Events take place during our normal business hours (11am to 5pm), and utilize part of our tasting room, which is separated by room dividers. The event is completely private, but may have some carry over noise from the tasting room. This price is based on 4 hours of use. Any additional time over this results in an additional fee of $75 per hour.

PRIVATE EVENTS Rental Fee - $300
This option can house larger parties, and can hold a maximum of 50 people indoors. The outdoor covered patio can be used during this time as well, and has seating available for 40 people. Please note that we do not have additional chairs to accommodate more than these numbers. Private Events take place after our normal business hours (we usually recommend starting no earlier than 5:30 pm). This price is based on 3 hours of use. Any additional time over this results in an additional fee of $125 per hour.

Set up and tear down of tables and chairs
Use of kitchen space
Use of linens & tableware
Blair Vineyards staff will help in clean up, with the caterer being responsible for their clean up
Any decorations or additional items brought in by yourself will be your responsibility


Blair Vineyards currently hosts wedding ceremonies on site. Please note that regardless of the size of your wedding, we do not host receptions. All ceremonies are held outdoors, and can take place on the site of your choice throughout the vineyard. Please note that the fee for the ceremony includes the land rental, as well as set up and take down of the site. We do not have bathroom facilities available for events held throughout the vineyard, so it may be necessary to order a portable restroom. Also, we do not require the rental of a tent, however please note that in case of inclement weather, we do not have facilities that will be able to hold your event indoors. Also, you are in charge of the rental of both tent and chairs, as well as any additional items you will need on hand. We coordinate with the rental companies to arrange to have everything delivered and set up in the appropriate place. The price for rental is for 2 hour time frame. Each additional hour is billed at $125 an hour.
The rental for the wedding also includes a rehearsal the day prior to the event. Please schedule this at least one month prior to your ceremony. You are allotted 1-1/2 hours for the rehearsal and you must be finished by 7pm.
RENTAL FEE – Base price of $750 for 150 guests (The minimum rental fee for a wedding is $750)
$100 fee for each additional 50 guests

Option of a cocktail hour is available after your ceremony. Cocktail hour can be set up either as a cash bar or an open bar. You can use a caterer of your choice for any food options. Please note that employees will be available to pour wine, but not to pass food.


Custom labels are available for a variety of events. Please ask for a current list of wines that have custom labels applied to them. There is a two cases minimum purchase for custom labels. The cases can be mixed as long as the custom label is the same throughout. You work with our designer to find a label that you are happy with. There is no additional fee for custom labels, however there is also no discounts applicable to custom label wines.

The quantity and type of wine must be selected at least one week prior to the event. Wine cannot be opened or served by the guests. Wines can only be opened and served by the glass by our staff or the caterer's staff.

Once you have selected a caterer, we ask that you provide us with their contact information. Caterers must be responsible for all aspects of food service. The winery will not have any staff members on hand to serve or set up food provided by the caterers. If you choose a caterer that has not had experience with Blair Vineyards, please encourage them to visit and look around the facilities or call me with any questions.

It is recommended that any vendor, such as caterers, photographers, DJ's and/or musicians to be hired for your event visit the winery prior to the date of your event. This allows vendors not familiar with Blair Vineyards the opportunity to inspect our facility and eliminate any potential problems ahead of time.



Glass breakage, damage to grapevines, building and other property damage caused by your guests is your responsibility. Blair Vineyards is not responsible for cars, stereo equipment, or any personal belongings, such as purses, clothes, etc that is left behind on the property.

We take underage drinking very seriously. Blair Vineyards only serves wine to adults 21 years of age or older with a valid driver's license. Employees may check ID to verify age. Blair Vineyards must have a count of the number of people under the age of 21 prior to the event.

Time of Event
Greenwich Township rules require all activities at the winery to end promptly at 10pm. This means that the music must stop, no more wine can be served, and you have 30 minutes to gather your belongings. Other arrangements can be made ahead of time to clean up or pick up your items.



Children and Pets
Children are always welcome at the winery as long as they are kept under adult supervision at all times. We are also a pet friendly winery. Please note that pets must always be contained on leashes, and must be friendly with people and other pets. Blair Vineyards does reserve the right to ask a pet to be taken home at any time.

We require a deposit of 50% of the entire quote in order to hold the date for your event.

Prohibited Items
Please note that due to liability issues, we cannot allow any type of open flame on the property during your event. Also, confetti and other similar type items are also prohibited onsite.
Final Payment
Final payment is due the day of the event. This includes the balance of deposit, as well as any other costs that have incurred, such as wine costs. We accept cash, check or credit cards.

Please note that if your event is cancelled 90 days prior to the event, we will refund your deposit, minus a 10% fee. If your event is cancelled between 30 & 90 days prior to the event, we will refund your deposit less a 25% fee. If you cancel your event less than 30 days prior to the event and we cannot reschedule another event on that day, your deposit is non-refundable. If another event can be rescheduled for that date, you will receive your deposit back less a 50% fee.


Please note that for liability reasons, the only alcoholic beverages allowed on Blair Vineyards property is Blair Vineyards wine. Beer, liquor, or other wines are strictly prohibited on our grounds. Guests are not permitted to bring any other type of alcoholic beverages on site. Blair Vineyards holds the right to confiscate any beer, liquor, or non Blair Vineyard wine either seen or being consumed. Guests caught with other alcoholic beverages on site will be asked to leave the property immediately. It is your responsibility to let your guests know of this policy.